Spiral Mixer


Product Description

*Visible belt tensioning system, easy to remove pulley for easy maintenance

*Microcomputer digital display control panel, fully automatic program setting, luxurious and beautiful, easy to operate

*Imported steel and electrical components, equipped with overload protection to improve equipment life

*High water absorption, good dough kneading, high expansion rate in the oven, reducing production costs


Capacity (Dough): 25 Kg

Dim.(mm): 500x860x1070

Volt: 415V-3Ph-50Hz

Power: 2.2 Kw

Weight: 160kg

Model: SB-25TL 

Capacity (Dough): 50 Kg

Dim.(mm): 610x930x1250

Volt: 415V-3Ph-50Hz

Power: 3.37 Kw

Weight: 320kg

Model: SB-50TL 

Capacity (Dough): 80 Kg

Dim.(mm): 720x1120x1300

Volt: 415V-3Ph-50Hz

Power: 5.25 Kw

Weight: 400kg

Model: SB-75TL 

Capacity (Dough): 120 Kg

Dim.(mm): 660x1330x1430

Volt: 415V-3Ph-50Hz

Power: 7.55 Kw

Weight: 620kg

Model : SP-100

Ext. Dim. (MM): 1305x730x1460

Wet Dough (Kg): 100

Capacity (L): 160Dry Flour(Kg): ≤66

Volt (V): 415V-3P-50Hz

Power (kw): 5.2

Model : SP-130

Ext. Dim. (MM): 1305x830x1460

Wet Dough (Kg): 130

Capacity (L): 200Dry Flour (Kg): ≤86

Volt. (V): 415V-3P-50Hz

Power (Kw): 5.2

Model : SP-160

Ext. Dim. (MM): 1440x930x1560

Wet Dough (Kg): 160

Capacity (L): 250Dry Flour (Kg): ≤106

Volt (V): 415V-3P-50Hz

Power (Kw): 7.8

Model : SP-200

Ext. Dim. (MM): 1490x930x1560

Wet Dough (Kg): 200

Capacity (L): 290Dry Flour (Kg): ≤133

Volt. (V): 415V-3P-50Hz

Power (Kw): 1