Steamed Buns


Product Description

*The dough is smooth with stable quality after the pressing of two wheels and rolling device.

*The equipment will not damage the dough and not be hot while running.

*The weight and quality of products are stable and have low errors.

*The modular design are used for peripheral configurations and the equipment can be varied within 270 degrees optionally.

*Flexible production line(producing different products with different peripheral configurations)

*Producing diverse product with matching cutters

*The equipment have the function of speed synchronously, so it can be operated easily.

* Capacity up to  12,000 per hour.

*Dough gluten is maintained throughout production process.

Model: SBF-1600 L

Ext. Dim: 5500x1350x1700mm

Capacity (PCS/HOUR): 1,000 - 7,000 (twist)

                                          1,000 – 12,000 (cutter)

Volt: 415v-3ph-50hz

Weight: 890 kg

Weight Range (G): 15 – 400

Conveyor Width: 280 mm 

Model: SBF-330L

Ext. Dim: 5100x1140x1600mm

Capacity (PCS/HOUR): 6,000 (twist)


Volt: 415v-3ph-50hz

Weight: 590 kg

Weight Range (G): 15 – 300

Conveyor Width: 280 mm