Toast Production Line


Product Description


  • Specially made for producing breads without an intermediate proving time.
  • Very compact bread line with a high capacity - 1800 pcs/h.
  • Flexible breadline which handles a variety of doughs.
  • Labour, time and space saving bread line.
  • Flexible and consistent production.


Features of Producing Line

- The intelligent control system can realize the automatic adjustment of skin thickness and speed.
- Working with continuous pressure and forming way to make sure stability of production quality, high efficiency.,
- Modular design is adopted to achieve diversified production through flexible and convenient combination.
- The whole line use high quality spare parts and washable humanized design.
- Low stress sheeting system to make sure dough gluten intact and relax,

Usage :
- Toast, croissant, baguette, ciabatta, tradition manual bread, tar, pie,
crispy durian pastry, sesambrotchen, pastry puff, butterfly style pastry and kindly distinctive pastry bread.